How to Share Documents in Digi Locker?

Sharing Documents in Digi Locker- In Digital Locker, various certificates, mark sheets and other documents are available as per your Aadhar details. The other documents which are not available in Digital Locker, can be uploaded or requested from partner’s website.

The Documents which are available in your Digi Locker Account, can be shared to another person. By using “Share” option in Digital Locker you can share any type of document i.e. Educational Certificates or Mark sheets, Driving License, Vehicle RC etc.

Procedure for Sharing of Documents in Digi Locker-

  1. Go to the official website of Digi Locker i.e.
  2. Log in your Digital Locker Account using Sign In button.
  3. Go to “Uploaded Documents” in Left Sidebar. It will show the documents which your have already uploaded or saved in Digi Locker.
  4. Click on “Shared” Link against any Document.
  5. A email box will appear, Enter the Email ID to which you want to share your document.
  6. Click on Send button.

The Document will be sent to the person to which you want to share your document.

How to See Shared Documents-

To see the documents which are already shared by you other people follow the steps-

  1. Log in to Your DigiLocker Account.
  2. Click on “Shared Documents” option in left sidebar.

It will show your shared documents in detail, including the document type, Document name and recipient’s name.

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