Digi Locker – See Documents & Certificates Online

Viewing Documents & Certificates in DigiLocker- All types of your documents and certificates are available in Digital Locker account. By using this account, you can see, download and share your documents online.

Options in your Digital Locker Account to see your Digital Documents Online-

1. Issued Documents

After login in to your Digital Locker Account, Go to “Issued Documents” tab, it will show your issued documents by government. If you have already connected your Digi Locker Account to Aadhar Number, Your documents which are also connected to Aadhar will be shown automatically here. Example- LPG/ Gas Connection Registration etc.

2. Pull Partner Documents

By clicking this tab, you can fetch or call your various documents from another authorities. For example you can see your Driving License, Vehicle Registration Certificate(RC), Certificates issued by various Boards or Universities etc. The section also contains certificates issued by eDistrict of states like Domicile (Residence) Certificate, Caste (ST/ SC/ OBC) Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate etc.

3. Uploaded Documents

Here you can upload your scanned documents and see them online anytime anywhere. When you save any  document in “Issued Documents” section, the same documents will also be available in “Uploaded Documents” section.

4. Shared Documents

This section will show your shared documents, if you already have shared any of your documents to another person, the details will be shown in this section.

Using the above given options you can easily share, download or store your digital certificates in DigiLocker.

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  1. What is a citizen I.D. and Transaction I.D. in which is input for fetch the Residence Certificate in Digilocker. How I get my Citizen I.D. and Transaction I.D. Please sugess me.

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